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Auto Service for Everyone

You don't have to drive a Mercedes to be treated like somebody who does. If you can drive it in, we can fix it. Fair prices, fair practices and a little Fiat 500 loaner for longer jobs. Come in and see the difference today.

Air Conditioning

Repair my air!

Air conditioning benefits from regular checkups and maintenance just as any system in your car would. Ralph Van Woerden Automotive Repair is fully equipped to diagnose and service any air conditioning system.

Musty Odors?

There are times when a client believes that the air conditioning system has developed a real problem. Musty odors and reduced output can sometimes be traced to a large, hidden filter called a cabin filter.

Smells Great!

The cabin filter is much like your furnace filter at home. It does a great job, but once it gets clogged up, it needs changing and that can mean a world of difference. Bring your car in. Let's have a look.