car repair

All Makes. All models!

We thought you only did high-end cars!

How many times have we heard this? And then one day, a lady told us why...

She said the clean floors, spotless waiting room, friendly staff, and uniformed technicians made us look like we only handled Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. She said that the easy, relaxed atmosphere reminded her of where she used to bring her luxury car in Vancouver.

We didn't do this on purpose. We weren't trying to portray ourselves as anything but what we are: a repair shop that does its best to give its clients the right information to help them make the right choice, fair pricing and talented technicians that fix it right, the first time.

We just like happen to like clean floors, a spotless waiting room, uniformed technicians and an easy, relaxed atmosphere.


Warranty Approved

We keep saying it, but it's important to know: We are Warranty Approved. That means being able to work on your under-warranty vehicle without disturbing the terms of the warranty. Your warranty work is covered by your manufacturer.

A little heads-up about vehicle manufacturer warranties

If we see something that the dealer hasn't seen, that is under warranty, we will report that to you. Dealers don't get paid for warranty work and may not always say something.

We Repair Just About Every Vehicle

From the assortment of vehicle logos below, we repair and maintain them all - if you are unsure or don't see yours listed, give us a call at 604-795-4335 and ask - most often the answer is YES!
BMW Repairs Buick Repairs Cadillac Repairs Chrysler Repairs Dodge Repairs
Fiat Repairs Ford and Mercury repairs GM and GMC repairs Honda repairs Infiniti repairs
Jaguar repairs Jeep repairs Kia repairs Land Rover repairs Lexus repairs
Lincoln repairs Mazda repairs Mercedes, Sprint and Smart Car repairs Mini repairs Mitsubishi repairs
Nissan repairs Porsche repairs Saab repairs Saturn repairs Scion repair
Smart Car repairs Subaru repairs Suzuki repairs Toyota repairs Volkswagen repairs
Volkswagen repairs