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Auto Service for Everyone

You don't have to drive a Mercedes to be treated like somebody who does. If you can drive it in, we can fix it. Fair prices, fair practices and a little Fiat 500 loaner for longer jobs. Come in and see the difference today.


Tip-Top and running right

We encourage all car and truck owners to get their cars (yes, even newer cars) tuned-up at regular intervals. This type of preventative maintenance can really save you money and fuel down the road!

Newer Car? Bring it in!

Have your car tuned up, even if it is newer. Today's cars still have parts that wear out. As they wear down, the vehicle's computer adjusts to overcome that wear so you can't tell that something is about to be wrong.

Preventative Maintenance

An engine that has run out of adjustments may suffer from poor fuel economy. They don't call it preventative maintenance for nothing!